About Us

Talk Polkadot is a newly-founded media group 100% focused on Polkadot and Kusama. A “Dotsama” news network for all people interested in all things Polkadot and Kusama. 

Whether you are unfamiliar with Polkadot and Kusama or an elite substrate developer, Talk Polkadot is a valuable media resource for those looking to stay updated and in the know regarding the polkadot ecosystem.


Ryan, Host of Talk Polkadot

Our Mission

Our mission at Talk Polkadot is to help aggregate and simplify the many wonderful things happening around the Polkadot ecosystem, including recapping major announcements, project updates, and many other topics.

We also host interviews and creative discussions with Polkadot & Kusama thought leaders, influencers, tech innovators, and many others who build, support, or utilize the ecosystem.

Contact Talk Polkadot

Looking to talk to someone from Talk Polkadot? Would you like to collaborate for the betterment of the Polkadot ecosystem? Please complete the form and someone will be in contact with you shortly. We recommend you use a professional email when submitting your contact information. Free email account domains may be ignored.


Judge, Co-Host

“I am 31 year old Sales Manager turned Crypto Enthusiast. Coming from a small town in Texas, I have always yearned for more. Serving in the Elite 3rd Ranger Battalion satisfied that for a short time, but after getting out and messing around in the Civilian world, I quickly realized that sucked. After many stints within sales and Tech support, I was able to help 2 startup vape companies become profitable and quickly realized my calling. Spreading the gospel of what I believe in. That is why Ryan and I have teamed up. We both believe Polkadot to be the future and would like to help those new and old in the crypto verse navigate the world of Dotsama!”

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Ryan, Host

“My name is Ryan and I am your primary guide on the Talk Polkadot journey. I am not a developer, coder, or technical cool person who specializes in the greatness of Polkadot. I am a crypto investor who owns DOT and sees extraordinary value in the future of the Polkadot ecosystem. I am on a mission to talk as much polkadot as I can in order to continually learn what makes Polkadot so great. Fun fact about me: I possess a bachelor of science degree in wildlife biology where I studied biological ecosystems. I love talking about ecosystems so much that i went back to school and earned a master’s degree in new media from a school of mass communication and journalism.”

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