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Trusted Validator
Sekoya Labs is a professionally managed validator node provider for the Polkadot ecosystem. With over 20 years of system administration experience, they are Talk Polkadot's go-to node provider for DOT & KSM. Using the latest operating systems, high spec servers, & modern network administration techniques to secure, maintain, and deliver world-class infrastructure, Sekoya Labs nodes are extremely reliable with full-time monitoring and alerting so that all your funds are safe.

DOT: 15PeEsbJeU2BZDgoCmo6xdzsuRaZv1PxLaCUyFmfWPwkZPJ4

DOT Address

KSM: Dtf5sKpKrQ3mc9SK1WmRTR3oaKyAS3p27LEeWCLPF6gsDuU

KSM Address