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Our purpose, background, and love for Polkadot.
What is Talk Polkadot?

Talk Polkadot is a newly-founded media group 100% focused on Polkadot and Kusama. We are a “Dotsama” news network for all people interested in all things Polkadot.


Whether you are unfamiliar with Polkadot and Kusama or an elite substrate developer, Talk Polkadot is a valuable media resource for those looking to stay updated and in the know regarding the Polkadot ecosystem.


Why are we here?

Our goal here at Talk Polkadot is to help aggregate and simplify the many wonderful things happening around the Polkadot ecosystem, including recapping major announcements, project updates, and many other topics.

Also, we host interviews and creative discussions with Polkadot & Kusama thought leaders, influencers, tech innovators, and many others who build, support, or utilize the ecosystem. 


To help clarify, let’s quickly walk through what Talk Polkadot is and IS NOT.


Talk Polkadot is….

  • A news network for all people interested in all things Polkadot and Kusama
  • A media brand that publishes high-quality videos, podcasts, live streams, and other far-out media to help drive awareness, increase Polkadot adoption, and inspire non-developers and developers alike. 
  • Polkadot & Kusama project collaborator
  • A team of people spread across the US and UK who are invested in the Polkadot ecosystem with hopes to add more individuals to the team as international demand grows
  • On Youtube, Spotify, Twitch, Discord, Twitter, Telegram
  • Polkadot & Kusama news network
  • High-quality videos, podcasts, live streams & more
  • Polkadot & Kusama project collaborator
  • US & UK based team invested in Polkadot
  • Youtube, Spotify, Twitch, Discord, Twitter, and Telegram


Talk Polkadot is….

  • NOT Financial Advice
  • NOT Price Prediction or Forecasting Content
  • NOT Professional Shilling for Projects
  • NOT Deep technical analysis

Who is Ryan? 

As mentioned earlier, my name is Ryan, and I am your primary guide on the Talk Polkadot journey. I am not a developer, coder, or technical cool person who specializes in the greatness of Polkadot. I am a crypto investor who owns DOT and sees extraordinary value in the future of the Polkadot ecosystem. I am on a mission to talk as much Polkadot as I can in order to continually learn what makes Polkadot so great. And I hope you join me on this noble quest.


My Background

My background includes many years supporting communications and revenue operations for tech and software-as-a service companies. I have spent many years teaming up with subject matter experts in order to translate highly complex technical information into digestible content for audiences of varying technical understanding. I'm here to do the same.


Fun fact about me: I possess a bachelor of science degree in wildlife biology where I studied biological ecosystems. I love talking about ecosystems so much that i went back to school and earned a master’s degree in new media from a school of mass communication and journalism.


I am a DOT & KSM investor who is so excited about the polkadot ecosystem that i decided to create Talk Polkadot in order to spread the good word of DOT. With the support of subject-matter experts, security specialists, NFT afficionados, DeFi experts, and other members of the DOT community, I am very excited for this opportunity to report, observe, and pontificate on the Polkadot ecosystem as it evolves over time.


Who is the Talk Polkadot team? 

The Talk Polkadot team consists of enthusiastic individuals excited about the future of Polkadot. Majority of the Talk Polkadot team is invested in Polkadot and located in several countries around the world with operations primarily based in the US & UK.